Hidden People - Various Peoples

BJ 013CD BJ 013CD

"Compiled by DJ Ziggy and 80% made up of unreleased, exclusive tracks, Hidden People is meant as a tribute to the artists Ziggy's come to respect over the years for their continuing commitment to music's underground -- the Hidden People. The CD is split into 3 Sessions. Session 1 kicks things off with some laid back instrumental hip hop -- vibes mellow enough to chill the wildest of dogs. Highlights include 'BT Africa', downbeat West African traditionalism from veteran DJ, producer, label boss and radio presenter DJ Vadim. Also featured is 'Charras Wrexus', ghost town beats courtesy of Deckwrecka, Psycho Pab and Ziggy himself close things out, bringing up the basslines to set you up for... Session 2 -- a demonstration of the diversity of Blue Juice with more up tempo tracks. It opens with Part 2's 'Superman Syndrome'. Session 2 also features a rather special slice of vocal cheekiness from Scratchy Muffin, especially for anyone who thinks hip hop's got no sense of humour. Bringing us to...Session 3, which focuses on more experimental & electronic music. We're particularly excited to be able to bring you the instrumental. Also featured is 'Airport', from Blue Juice's latest signings, Borngräber & Strüver, and finally 'Version 12' by Pilote, aka Stuart Cullen. Welcome to the world of the Hidden People. Some of them you'll already know; but we're just as excited about the artists -- Hermit, Proper, Mr Blue, Basic Sound ? you may be hearing for the first time. We feel the line-up on this CD embodies the underground spirit -- a challenge to the majors and a breath of fresh air to everyone else."