India Gets Physical Vol. 1


India: an ancient land of abundant spices, colorful languages, vibrant cultures, infinite beliefs, and ever-shifting terrains. This 5000-year-old society was one of the earliest in the world to philosophize and document the natural relationship between music and human spirituality. And through the decades of the recent past, modern India has been interestingly unique (and highly accommodative) to contemporary and global electronic dance music. This, in turn, has developed into fertile soil for local DJs and producers, to thrive and bloom across the motherland. From India's capital (New Delhi) to its major cities (Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore) and emerging cities (Hyderabad, Pune, Pondicherry) -- all shades of contemporary house and techno are now being accepted as the popular pulse for their nights. It's fascinating how this fairly recent "western" phenomenon has now deeply woven itself into India's "eastern" culture and rich musical tapestry. But then again, electronic music could never be "claimed" by any particular country or continent. Through the past 16 years, supporters and followers of Get Physical Music have had this innate sensibility -- which collectively eclipses geographical, ideological, and musical boundaries. India Gets Physical is another endeavor by the label to present the next breed of contemporary Indian electronic music and artists, to dance music aficionados across Europe and rest of the world. Going beyond their release commitments, Get Physical Music also proactively aims to explore and discover the Indian scene and extend their support locally. All the Indian artists on this compilation have been brought together by the mysterious Todh Teri (who also happens to be the mastermind behind the mix). An ardent revivalist of Indian cinema's rich disco and cabaret music legacy, Todh Teri's live sets blend these sensibilities with the funk, house, and acid influences of being a Berliner. When asked about India Gets Physical, he says "The artists and music I've put together for this project are predominantly electronic, but with just a pinch of India in it. Clearly steering away from all probable clichés -- all of these tracks sound very international but with just a hint of an Indian tone, scale, or sound." Features Soulspace, Pawas, Arooj Aftab, Unnayanaa, Erika Lernot, Small Town Guy, Adil Smaali, Hamza, Troja, Low Volume, Arnold From Mumbai, Kone Kone, Todh Teri, Murthovic, and MALFNKTION, MadStarBase.