Piccadilly Sunshine Volumes 1-10: A Compendium of Rare Pop Curios from the British Psychedelic Era


Serving to embrace the floral heavens of British pop, this edition combines the first ten prized volumes of the acclaimed Piccadilly Sunshine series, originally released from 2009 to 2012. Celebrating the obscured artifacts of illustrious noise that emerged from the Great British psychedelic era and beyond, it is the essential guide to the quintessential sound of candy-colored pop from a bygone age. Includes over 200 tracks from 1964-1971, with an enhanced bonus disc containing rare tracks and images. Includes 84-page full-color booklet with rare photos, detailed biographies, and full discographies. Includes tracks by Jason James, Peppermint Circus, Roger Bloom's Hammer, Alan David, Studio Six, The Magicians, Tin Tin, The Cups, Billy Boyle, Sounds Inc., Svensk, Christopher, Merlin Q, Mighty Joe Young, The Nocturnes, Mixture, Mood of Hamilton, Jon, Tony Fabian, Tim Andrews, K. G. Young, Sasha Caro, Gentry, Legay, George Bean, Wishful Thinking, Suspect, Perfect People, Barbara Ruskin, Chris McClure, Bubblegum, The Kool, Alexander Bell, Roger Denison, Gervase, Bill Kenwright and the Runaways, Mike Raynor and the Condors, Zuider Zee, Howard Walker/Bombthrowers, Paul Slade, Spectrum, Dave Justin, Pythagoras Theorem, Dead Sea Fruit, Tim Andrews/Paul Korda, Jiminy Crikitt, Cupid's Inspiration, J.A. Freedman, Episode Six, Jerry St. Clair, Dukes Noblemen, John Bryant, Ottilie Patterson, Barry Ryan, Lace, The Laurels, David Morgan, Gaslight, Keith Field, Jago Simms, Paul Raven, The Monopoly, Joyces Angels, The Factotums, West Coast Delegation, Brian Connell, Deuce Coup, Now, Bob Clarke, Samurai, The Running Jumping Standing Still Band, Sight and Sound, Washington DC's, Oedipus Complex, Wayne Fontana, Sweet Thursday, Seymour Kelly, Tony Rivers and the Castaways, Watch Committee, Ian Whitcomb, Roulettes, Sounds Bob Rogers, Toyshop, Still Life, Ross Hannaman, Disciple, Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, Mike Sedgewick, Happy Confusion, Philamore Lincoln, Katch 22, The Merseys, The High, The Mariane, Selwyn & John, Little Brother Grant and Zapatta Schmidt, Chuckles, Zion de Gallier, Tate Gallery, Malcolm Rabbitt, Kaplan, The Epics, Hayden Wood, Loose Ends, Peter Fenton, Paul Young, Bobcats, Chris Kerry, Situation, Magic Lanterns, Mud, Peeps, Pinkerton's Assort' Colours, The Act, The Koobas, Deuce of Hearts, Harbour Lites, Barry Fantoni, Rising Sons, Barley Bree, Cardboard Orchestra, Cats Eyes, The Nerve, The Unit, Rifkin, Peter Sully and the Orchard, Granny's Intentions, House of Lords, Confucius, Juice, Paul Layton, Persimmon's Peculiar Shades, The Truth, Mike Lennox, Mike Wallace, Spencer's Washboard Kings, Lee Harmers Popcorn, Weather, Gary James, Villiers and Gold, William E, Ian McCulloch, Montanas, Cartoone, Elmer Gantry's Velvet, David McNeil, Caloogie, Graham Bond Organisation, Smokey Circles, Warm Sensation, Copperfield, Free Ferry, Kippington Lodge, Almond Lettuce, The Sleepy, Slender Plenty, The Herd, Glass Menagerie, Happy Magazine, Vigrass, Shawn Phillips, New York Public Library, Lomax Alliance, Woolly Fish, The Squires, I.P.O.H., Faces, The Real Thing, Patchwork, Stonehenge, Inshallah, The Magic Christians, and Crocheted Doughnut Ring.