Rüts 3/3


2008 release. "The third part of the Rüts vinyl mini compilation series features 4 tracks, searching for common and less common grounds between functionality and abstraction. A coura­geous release and a confrontation between newcomers and more established produ­cers, the A-side here is reserved for the lesser known artists. Immer.Chic kicks things off with a genuine techno trip called 'The End Of Eternity'. A dark and futuristic track, with a stumbling groove that stands out because of its atmospheric density and its unconventional sound design. A buzzing bass, warm analogue chords and a moaning synth contrasted with harsh loops and machine-like sounds. It's an interesting piece of music that, despite its electronic core, has a warm spirit. Vakula is a man of rhythm, musically raised by his grandmother, who introduced him to African American soul and jazz music. This education has had its consequences, as is shown on 'We Shall Dance'. Basically an amalgam of jittering and spacy sounds, Vakula layers different grooves and soulful samples over a house rhythm that directly aims for the legs. With a few rhythmic traps inside, this is sophisticated and very danceable stuff. On the B-side, two more established producers step into the limelight. Paul David Rollmann is a man of many trades. Here, under his Even Tuell moniker, he delivers an easy but also unsettled track. 'Thanden Strakk' is a mid-tempo shoegazer of a house track. Softly tapping beats, an organ playing chords in the background as well as a light but dissonant synth chord form the framework of this psycho-trip of a track. The atmosphere of the track breaks open over and over again with a hard synth hit, whereas, by the mid­dle of the track, a naive but mysterious melody once again intensifies things. Move D & Benjmin Brunn are clearly soulmates. After superb releases on Smallville and Bine, they are featured here with a track that fully exploits the possibilities of stereo. A wonderful piece that communicates a spatial deepness, echoing Basic Channel. With a certain, almost spiritual quietude 'Vorhaus' builds up like waves and, at the same time, calms itself down. Wonderful!"