Real Rio


A compilation of new left-field pop, rock, folk, electronic, baile funk, noise and experimental music from artists born or living in Rio de Janeiro, the "Cidade Maravilhosa (the Marvellous City)". Real Rio is compiled by Chico Dub, the curator of Rio de Janeiro's acclaimed experimental music festival Novas Frequencias. Chico says: "The aim is to showcase the best of the independent music scene from Rio: rock, noise, house, drone, new styles of baile funk, Afro-beat, pop. We want to dispel the myth of a city dominated by easy listening bossa nova and show just how broad Rio's sound palette is". Disc one introduces artists such as Ava Rocha, Ricardo Dias Gomes, Negro Leo and Meia Banda who are creating national awareness of Rio's lo-fi alternative scene, whilst B Negão, Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra and Andre Sampaio are at the forefront of a local Afro-influenced movement whilst veteran artists Elza Soares and Arto Lindsay are bringing elements of these scenes into the Brazilian music mainstream. On disc two Ceticências, Superficie and Eric Alves represent Rio's evolving downbeat electronic scene whilst Leo Justi, Marginal Men and Woo create twisted new club sounds influenced by baile funk and Cadu Tenorio, Bemônio and Chelpa Ferro push local experimental music into unexpected directions limits. Whilst the tracks included represent the new wave of Rio music, there are links to the older generation - Opala's Maria Luiza Jobim is the youngest daughter of Antonio Carlos Jobim (the Brazilian composer wrote the music for "The Girl from Ipanema"), Ricardo Dias Gomes played bass on Caetano Veloso's last three studio albums and Ava Rocha is the daughter of acclaimed "Cinema Novo" Brazilian film director, actor and writer Glauber Rocha. Real Rio is the fourth compilation from respected UK-based Brazilian label Mais Um Discos. Their compilations have re-defined the international view of Brazilian contemporary music scene with releases such as Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira! (MAIS 001CD, 2010), Daora: Underground Sounds Of Urban Brazil (MAIS 016, 2013) and Rolê: New Sounds Of Brazil (MAIS 026CD, 2014). Real Rio is the latest chapter in Mais Um Discos quest to uncover Brazil's astonishing contemporary music scene. Comes in gatefold digipack. Edition of 1000 (hand numbered). Also features. Bruno Cosentino, Os Ritmistas, Lila, Seletores de Frequência, Otto, Os Afromandinga, Goma-Laca, Lucas Santtana, Benjão, Supercordas, Marginal Men, Omulu, Erica Alves, Ilustradora Carmen Alves, Carrot Green, Manara, Repetentes 2008, Jucara Marcal, Chinese Cookie Poets.