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Three tracks from this Boston-based label, including The Kooky Scientologist, Smartypants and Eddie O. "The Kooky Scientologist should need no introduction -- unless you don't get Fred Giannelli's sense of humor. He's played everywhere, for everyone, and killed it every single time. Smartypants, aka Mike Uzzi, has released on Traum, Sentrall, and of course Zero G. He is a staple of the North East underground party scene. Rounding out the compilation is Zero G label boss Eddie O., known for his releases as Triton on both Zero G and Skor. The first mini-compilation on Zero G Sounds features the best of the old school and new school. Representing the old school is the legendary Fred Giannelli, aka The Kooky Scientist. This time around as the Kooky Scientologist, Fred gives us a dose of what it really sounds like inside the head of Tom Cruise. Demonetics rides a fat bass line, up-front stabs, and layered percussion. Just when you think you've figured it all out, it takes a left turn as we're treated to Fred's signature quirky melodic noises. As the title suggests, this track is dark but it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's fun stuff for the club. The B side belongs to the new school. First up is Smartypants. 'Tore, Be Me Abstracter' is a brooding animal. A syncopated bass line drives hard beneath drippy synth effects, funky stabs, and reverb freakouts. This one is all about the empty space between the notes, ya dig. Eddie O.'s 'Pr√łnography' is the perfect tripped-out inside cut for all the heads out there. Chirpy percussion and detuned tape bells float in a layer of glitch propelled by straight up minimal beats. And porn."