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The Other Side Of Italy: The Beginning of The Post-Punk and Art-Rock Era


Limited restock. RSD 2018 release. Collected here in a deluxe boxed-set for Record Store Day 2018 is four of the finest Spittle compilations of 1980s Italian post-punk, art-rock, and synth-wave. Milano New Wave: 1980-83 Redux, Samples Only, iV3SCR (The Great Complotto 2), and Body Section feature some of the heavy hitters of the era including Die Form, Frigidaire Tango, Rinf, and more as well as more obscure artists who may have only appeared ever on these comps.

Milano New Wave: 1980-83 Redux: Twelve tracks that recount the salient steps of the brief but intense career of four Milanese bands from the post-punk of Other Side, to the oblique funk of State Of Art, to the Kraftwerk influences of La Maison, to the electro pop-wave of Jeunesse d'Ivoire. "Boris Karloff" features Kubrix and 2+2=5 playing with La Maison, forming the group known as Entourage L'Asino. These four bands illustrate the mood of an underground scene that burned out rapidly, mostly due to the indifference of the media and recording industry during those years.

Samples Only: First ever reissue of a sought-after Italian compilation highlighting all the potential of the northeastern Italian post-punk scene, originally released in 1981. Starring Ruins, European Stage, Kitsch Putsch, Art Déco, and R.A.R.A., Samples Only is your kind of compilation if you're aware of the development of the new romantic and synth wave scene.

iV3SCR (The Great Complotto 2): The second chapter in the Great Complotto manifesto from Pordenone (birthplace of Italian punk). Originally issued in 1983, though most of its songs were recorded in 1981, Italian Records' second compilation of Italian punk is even more attractive than its first (The Great Complotto - Pordenone). What glues together all the contributors (Sexy Angels, Gigolo' Look, Cancer (credited on the cover as 0010110000010011), and Mess) is their innovative and creative use of electronics. Includes CD which includes Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor, Fhedolts, Mind Invaders, and Sexy Angels; Includes five bonus track.

Body Section: Originally released in 1983 on Electric Eye just as the "new Italian rock" movement was beginning to gain momentum, this compilation reflects the impact of a "post-Joy Division" British new wave on the genre. Divided into two sections, the softer "blue section" and the more electric "red section". Features Modo, Monuments, Jeunesse d'Ivoire, Frigidaire Tango, Kirlian Camera, Litfiba, Diaframma, Vox Rei, Die Form, and Rinf.