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TDP 54001LP TDP 54001LP

Trading Places present a reissue of Zior's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. British blues-rock quartet Zior had their roots in the bourgeoning R&B scene that arose during the late 1960s in the southeast coastal city of Southend; they built a strong reputation in live performance, opting for "happenings" in the style of Hawkwind and Pink Floyd that went beyond mere musical events. By the time they recorded their self-titled debut album, issued on Larry Page's short-lived Nepentha label in 1971, they were clearly influenced by the emergent hard rock/heavy metal scene of the West Midlands, drawing from Black Sabbath's discordant riffs and occult influences, along with shrill vocal attacks in Led Zeppelin mode; there were shades of Steppenwolf and the odd Doors-sounding keyboard riff as well -- and the Black Sabbath link was heightened by an album design from Keith McMillan, who was responsible for Black Sabbath's debut cover too (1970). The resultant Zior is a varied ride through different kinds of rock terrain, from blues rock to hard rock and on to whimsical psychedelia and prog-rock, making it hard to classify. Though this debut LP should have heralded a bright beginning, misfortune seemed to dog the band from the start; other recordings were released under the name Monument, the band members listed under aliases, and a second album, Every Inch A Man, was issued in Germany after Zior's breakup in 1973 without the band's knowledge or permission. 180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve.