5-8 Weeks
The Hybrid Kids 1+2: Two Collections of Classic Mutants


"Before Miniatures, there was Hybrid Kids. Take a collection of classics by musical behemoths The Beatles, Kate Bush, The Sex Pistols, The Righteous Brothers, Brotherhood Of Man and suchlike, and perform them in a style as diametrically opposite to the original as one can imagine. Therein lies the manifesto that brought the world the wonderfully twisted take on pop music that is Hybrid Kids. Being the first album recorded in Fisher s own Pipe Studios (actually his Notting Hill bedsit, fact fans), Hybrid Kids was conceived as a compilation album featuring a variety of spoof 'bands' hailing from the very real but somewhat obscure Peabody (a town in Kansas, USA) each would perform their own take on a well known number, with wildly unpredictable results. Equally predictably, when the self styled Collection Of Classic Mutants was announced and discussed in the press, a large number of hipsters and music buffs believed every word and eagerly anticipated its release Phrases such as terrifying work of genius, downright creepy and nearly obscene were commonplace in reviews of the record, and it quickly passed into folklore as a work of unique originality and the kind of sonic experimentation rarely applied to such mainstream material. A true classic a fact highlighted by the media interest in its imminent reissue in combination with its equally intriguing sister album. So, having caused something of a stir with a warped compilation of material performed by non-existent acts from a far off town nobody had ever heard of, where does one go next? The answer, in retrospect, seems obvious the tried and tested Christmas album, performed by the self same Hybrid Kids. Claws (released a year after its predecessor), saw Morgan tackle such Xmas favorites as Deck The Halls, Good King Wenceslas and Happy Xmas (War Is Over) in his own inimitable style, with equally unorthodox results. Perhaps not one to play when Granny drops by for her pre Xmas lunch glass of sherry, but definitely something any discerning audio adventurer should find a few moments for amongst their festive celebrations. Both albums are accompanied by bonus tracks and have been retouched for 2008 by Morgan himself."