1-2 Weeks
Penguin Feet & The Teardrop Kid

HDM 2006CD HDM 2006CD

"HDM label owner Hadley Murrell with the origin story on Penguin Feet and The Teardrop Kid: One day in 1977, I received a telephone call from an organization that was holding a fund raiser. They wanted me to record a 'doo wop' version of 'America the Beautiful' for their event. I proceeded to rehearse Black Ice in preparation for the session. Later that day, Eddie Horan came up to my office for a writing session we had scheduled. Eddie started clowning around and began to impersonate Geraldine Jones, a famous sassy, brazen and outspoken character Flip Wilson had created for his hit comedy television show. I jumped in and said, 'Larry, Move Your Hand.' Eddie looked at me, I looked at Eddie; that special look we had that said 'song.' On the following Saturday, Eddie and I finished writing the now classic song that was born from that silly, fun afternoon. I booked time to record 'America the Beautiful' the following Saturday. When that was finished, Eddie and I went to work with Ray Jackson, the arranger, and finished 'Larry' in two hours. Long story short, 'Larry Move Your Hand' was a hit, and is now a classic novelty record and one of Dr. Demento's favorites. Each time that the morning drive-time DJ's played the record, their phones rang off the hook with everybody wanting to know where they could get that record. Over the years, I've had many requests for more records from Penguin Feet and The Teardrop Kid. I cut several other tracks that remained in storage. An album was never released until now. Penguin Feet and The Teardrop Kid is all about fun. Get ready to have big fun."