1-2 Weeks
A Long Way Around To A Shortcut

DC 400LP DC 400LP

"Ever shrouded, serpentine by design, the legend of the Sic Alps has at last made its way to the gates of Drag City. The new, first-time-ever-on-vinyl 2xLP reissue of A Long Way Around To A Shortcut is somehow a 'greatest hits' of the golden not-quite-decade of Sic Alps. Well, not quite golden, either. Can gold be tarnished? Can it be done on purpose? If so, Sic Alps are artisans of the highest order -- for their music is the bright, surging sound of ye olde rock and roll radio (and the garages that tuned in), but heard through air darkened with specks of nameless obstruction. In and amongst their ingrown sounds, Sic Alps take on classic tunes from Strapping Fieldhands, Throbbing Gristle and The Zipps on A Long Way Around To A Shortcut. It is to their credit that they completely absorb their estimated predecessors and create the only sound left to them: the sound of the Sic Alps. A Long Way Around To A Shortcut was issued as a CD in 2008. It collected songs that were first issued throughout the epic years of 2006 and 2007 on two 12"EPs, three 7" singles and a cassette, plus a song from a compilation CD-R and a song released nowhere else but on the ALWATAS compilation. The records were originally given titles like United, Strawberry Guillotine, Semi- Streets, Hip-Hop Sweepers Vol 1, Teenage Alps, The Soft Tour in Rough Form-- but all these original releases are long gone, and the CDs fairly much OOP as well. Can this vinyl version be far behind? The hordes are coming, so heed well and get your own copi(es) in stock now." With full color innersleeves.