Output 64

LADO 17085 LADO 17085

"Compilations are ubiquitous. And, more often than not, they tend to be pretty dire. For Output64 we asked people we like and admire to rework and remix the music from Commodore 64 computer games (1985-89 and available on CD/double LP as input64). and the aim was clear: the selection of artists should reflect and bolster the original versions' incredibly broad spectrum of approaches (despite the technical limitations of the commodore 64's SID sound chip), disregarding all musical boundaries and preconceptions. We definitely didn't want a pop album, an electro album or a rock album -- this is certainly no 'file under' product, but an album that combines extremely varied sounds, remix approaches and interpretations. the artists were free to chose their raw material and were only told to 'go for it!' and this they most certainly did -- individual tracks received extravagant treatment from the remixers. Some embraced the original SID sound spectrum, others radically reworked harmonies or the entire song structure. You won't find any standard 'hey, I'll just stick a fat bass underneath and sharpen the beat -- time to go for coffee' remixes on this CD. Many outstrip the pop song format, others cherish hummable hooks. A lot of the mixes are wild and unpredictable, some require a lot of tenacity but all remain very decisive in their interpretation of the original. You won't find a hint of narrowmindedness on this sampler: Output64 challenges its listeners to look past variations and diversity on to an entire spectrum of new sound options: enter next level! fuck fileunders. fuck lounge. play louder." Remixers include: Steve Claydon of Add N To X, Plundersonics/Chicks on Speed, Kissogram, Gebr. Teichmann, Ron+His1541, Big Chief Electric, Jeans Team, Computerjockeys, Lopazz, Op:l Bastards, Mina, Ovuca, Chazam/Perrey/Arrebatado, Raumagent Alpha, Mikron64. Limited stock.