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Phantom Guitars: A Cool Collection of Twangin' Guitar

PC 7019CD PC 7019CD

...Instrumentals from the UK 1961-1964. For a short period in the UK, guitar-led instrumental groups took control. In the three year span between rock & roll and the full flush of beat, there was no bigger band than The Shadows. Their magical brand of twanging melody incorporated elements of Duane Eddy and The Ventures, but was something entirely British. And, as always, when someone comes up with a winning formula, everybody else suddenly leaps on board. So, in contrast to the clean-cut crooners, coffee bars, dancehalls and fairgrounds reverberated to the sound of Binson echo units and primitive Bigsby-esque tremelo arms. This CD ventures back in time a little further than previous Psychic Circle releases to round up a string-bending selection of some the finest examples of this genre. You'll hear an unreleased acetate from the guy who wrote the BBC's Match Of The Day theme, a live stormer from an Irish showband and a gem from Alvin Stardust's first backing band. There's a quick visit to Joe Meek's studios, and a track from The Gladiators without Nero, plus a whole lot more. Specially compiled by legendary psych musician and Psychic Circle label-head, Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond). Other artists include: The Falcons, The Krew Kats, The Phantoms, Bobby Taylor, The Hunters, Dennis Newey, The Executives, The Nu-Notes, The Cougars, The Champions, The Fentones, The Gimmicks, Dunhill & Weiser, The Packabeats, The Planets, The Johnny Howard Group, Rhet Stoller, The Players, The Violents, Group X, The Barons, Bob Miller & The Millermen, The Vengers and The Royal Showband, Waterford.