Tastes Like Freedom: Remixed (Magenta Vinyl)

RS 041C-EP RS 041C-EP

LP version. Magenta vinyl. 30/70 and Rhythm Section team up once more to deliver their most ambitious remix package to date. Call outs to friends and family of the label and collective offered up a selection of some of the most exciting electronic music producers in the scene and the fruits of the collaboration have arrived. The remix package continues 30/70's practice of rebirthing their music in a contemporary club sound but this time takes that intention a step further, veering into unexpected and more experimental territory for the band, calling in a new era for their musical endeavors. The record opens with a duo that need no introduction, label legends Chaos In The CBD work their magic on "Tastes Like Freedom", playing on Josh Kelly's drawn out noir-esque sax notes and Allysha's whispering tones to create a sultry and sophisticated house number in their typically infectious style. Next up, Utrecht native Carista enters with the sound of the Netherlands for a new wave electro trip fresh off her BBC Radio 1 residency. Tornado Wallace takes you straight to a hot pink sunset on the long-lost festival floor with his "Red Face Remix" of "Tastes Like Freedom". Closing out are the cerebral and ethereal sounds of Yu Su's "Midnight Blossom" Remix, where the Kaifeng-born composer, DJ and sound artist continues her exploration of "fourth world" ambience and left-field dance music. Over the last few years, 30/70 have become something of a supergroup: with Allysha Joy, Ziggy Zeitgeist, Josh Kelly and Matthew Hayes all soaring as solo artists and band leaders. Individual talents aside, there's nothing quite like the 30/70 collective united as one unstoppable force; and the synergy is palpable in this tantalizing tour-de force.