Imagine you had the difficult task of representing your entire life in the form of seventeen songs. BPitch Control has attempted to do just that, packing a turbulent 12-year label history onto one silver disc. The resulting album is not just a simple reflection of the past, it's a statement showing how comprehensive, complex, progressive, emotional and ultimately enthralling electronic music can be; the kind of potential and opportunities for development that can be found in a genre -- given the necessary courage to ignore pigeon-holes and open new doors. The Werkschau (trans. "Showcase") compilation presents BPitch Control and its forward-thinking artists in all their stylistic elasticity. The BPC Werkschau compilation is in no way a conventional "best of" album. Instead, all 17 tracks are previously-unreleased works. The featured artists include label colleagues from BPC's founding period as well as completely new faces and musical collaborations which have been formed here for the first time. The artists' homelands are also worthy of note, ranging from various European countries to North and South America. Paul Kalkbrenner gives you an ironic wink as he combines straight, catchy tech-house production with a highly distorted Hammond organ and Mr. Statik unashamedly lays house beats under crooner vocals. The track "Deutsche Werden" from Aérea Negrot has a considerably more fantastical feel. The intermittent singer of Hercules and Love Affair sets off a reaction between her apparently deranged, broken German-speaking vocals and a unique and very coherently-arranged electro production style. The straight-up tech-house opener "The Present" from Irish Memo artist Cormac is carried by vocals, as is the wonderfully atmospheric synth-pop song from the Italian duo We Love. Dillon combines beatbox-electro with pop vocals in her collaboration with Coma. TimTim's contribution "How We Moove" merges classic singer/songwriting with bleepy electronic sounds, followed by the finely-woven dub textures of AGF/Delay. Telefon Tel Aviv offer challenging, futuristic yet retro Chicago post-rock/electronica sounds. Known and loved for being just as challenging are Jahcoozi -- with "Day In Day Out," the trio based around song-writer/MC/singer Sasha Perera makes a surprisingly docile appearance, showing their laid-back, dub-sounding side. Sascha Funke spreads his epic sound carpets over characteristic minimal techno structures while Thomas Muller creates another irresistibly dynamic clockwork construction with "West." Chaim's Chicago-inspired tech-house track could be a promising taste of what's to come and Mark Broom offers up a pure and simple dancefloor bomb with "Refund." Real house jacks Zander VT offer up a rare pearl and Kiki & Lenz release their first co-production on this CD. Finally, label boss Ellen Allien slots a classic house stomper in amongst the ranks of her colleagues. Without a doubt, this is a fabulous release with countless magic moments -- a clearly-defined point in the label landscape and a starting point for the next twelve years.