La Chiave


Beat Records present the soundtrack for La Chiave, a film by Tinto Brass, presented for the first time on CD from first-generation stereo album master tapes vaulted in Cabum archives in pristine conditions. Music composed, orchestrated, and conducted by Ennio Morricone. La Chiave (aka The Key, La clè, Der Schlüssel) is an erotic movie directed by Tinto Brass in 1983. The story of the film takes place in Venice during the fascist era on the eve of the declaration of the Second World War. It is the story of an elderly English professor, director of the Art Biennale, and his young wife Teresa. In 1983, the Triple Time Music label issued a 33rpm album with ten selections assembled by the composer himself. The same material was reissued on a French 33rpm album and on a German 33rpm album. For this world premiere CD reissue, Beat Records have remastered the first-generation stereo master tapes vaulted in Cabum archives and used for the 1983 Italian vinyl. For Ennio Morricone fans around the world, it'll surely be a welcome addition, especially considering that La Chiave is one of the very few scores by Ennio Morricone that was not yet available in CD format. The album opens with a grotesque slow waltz reprising Strauss's "The Blue Danube Waltz", given a very personal arrangement in "Da Vienna A Vienna (1a versione)" and reprised in "Da Vienna A Vienna (2a versione)", and "Quattro Frammenti Per Orchestra Da Camera". For "Funebre E Pomposo",' the composer has written a very dramatic orchestral piece for a funeral. The classic side of Ennio Morricone is present in "Due Variazioni Da Un Tema Sereno", where the Baroque approach represents Venice. A happy theme with a prominent flute and waltz tempo describes the quieter moments of the plot in "Citazione Da Un Vecchio Valzer", and there's a can-can with funny tonalities typical of the Petri and Tornatore movies in "Mini Can Can Grottesco". A string quartet slowly describes the sensuality of the protagonist in "Tre Frammenti Per Quattro D'archi", and a psychological feeling of sadness and anxiety is evoked by the seemingly quiet piece "Malessere". The piece "Lei Pensata Da Lui", with a Baroque flavor alternating between folk and pop, cheerfully closes the disc. La Chiave is the second release in a series aiming to reevaluate the classic Cabum OST catalog. Graphic design by Claudio Fuiano and Daniele De Gemini. Remastering by Claudio Fuiano.