Black Pearl


Contexterrior presents Black Pearl by Berlin's Marjorie Migliaccio aka Bloody Mary -- not only is it her debut full-length, but it also the first artist album to appear on the label in its 7-year history. Mary presents 11 tracks that explore techno, melodic ambience and haphazard breakbeats, resulting in an album that stays true to the spirit of Contexterrior: dancefloor expediency balanced with unapologetic experimentalism. Marjorie Migliaccio began her DJ career in her homeland of France in the early part of the decade, and by 2005, established a reputation that brought her to some of Europe's biggest clubs. After relocating to Berlin, she began her interest in production, leading to a pair of EPs on Sender Records, and becoming a true international DJ, touring throughout North and South America. She soon met Sierra_Sam of ToysForBoys Records, who released more of her work, including her first mix CD, Tanz Mit Mir (TFBRC 002CD). Anyone who has seen Bloody Mary work the dancefloor knows that she is more than just a skillful DJ; she is a personality, a force. And with Black Pearl, the case is no different. Mary's charm infuses every track, finding light within the shadows. More than just a slap-dash collection of tracks, this album is woven together by a common theme: discovering beauty buried beneath the darkness. This idea of contrast was inspired by the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, especially Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil), originally published 1857. In this controversial work, the poet used symbols (jewels, alcohol, lesbians, vampires) to express greater themes of erotic love, decadence and mortality. The title track (also the album's first single) perfectly captures the spirit of Baudelaire, with its dynamic, storming beats contrasted by smooth, cinematic strings. What's more, her international perspective has informed the music, with the Detroit debris of "Duellum" and the Latin flavor of "Sed Non Satiata." With production help from Sierra_Sam and label boss Jay Haze, plus contributions from Argenis Brito, Danton Eeprom and Jona, Mary has rounded up an assortment of diverse tracks that manage to cohere into a bigger picture.