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COR 028-2CD COR 028-2CD

2017 edition; Originally released in 2011. From Soopertrack on Border Community in 2006 to the Titelheld EP that same year and the album Schöne Neue Extrawelt (COR 019-2CD/LP) from the year 2008, which belong to the best-selling releases on Cocoon recordings, the two Hamburg residents Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe have skyrocketed their reputations to become two of the most style-forming techno protagonists within the last ten years. "We don't want cowardly zeitgeist techno. We want to be courageous and dare new sounds and melodies. Sunrise scenarios, energy, revolution and 'Kaputtheit' -- these are all parts of the Extrawelt," the two musicians once said, and this artistic credo applies to their long-awaited second Extrawelt album, too. "We took our time and have collected tracks that have particularly touched us, no matter whether they are club-compatible or not. Besides that, we didn't want to repeat ourselves, and have created a unique second album that stands for itself." Without doubt, the two have succeeded in this. The spectrum of musical influences has again extended and the most diverse styles of electronic music connect seamlessly with the Extrawelt spirit. Here, the sonic zeitgeist is not the determining variable for the music -- what really counts is the creation of nothing more and nothing less than a new world, by means of a never-exhausting acoustic imagination which shows new facets, even after the thousandth time of listening. One should be careful with the use of superlatives, but this is exactly how masterpieces are sounding.