Cocoon Compilation - N


This is the 14th edition of the almighty Cocoon Compilation series, curated by label-head Sven Väth. With Compilation N, Cocoon adds even more big names side-by-side with some fresh and promising ones. It starts with Konstantin Sibold & Leif Müller and the track "Kolibri," a great slowed-down techno tune that brings us back to the high days of Alter Ego when Harthouse released big listening and electronica albums. The second track by Julian Perez follows that feeling and explores the deep and dubby sides of techno, too. A perfect transition to Frankfurt homeboy Markus Fix. It's dub again, however, spiced up with hypnotic strings and a clubby kick-drum shaking your bass bins! With track number four, Compilation N opens the door to proper and kicking club music. Grandmaster Aril Brikha and Vince Watson present a vibrant arpeggio tune followed by Alan Fitzpatrick with his "For Fear Tonight Is All." Fitzpatrick adds more of a cineastic soundtrack flavor to the picture and creates big emotions here before Cavaan releases a thrilling acid monster. Coming up next is Truncate who seems to pay a little homage to the big days of the raw and kicking TR-909 and the pure Underground Resistance techno from Detroit. Sam Paganini follows this vibe with "Labyrinth," which houses even darker energy and pressure. "Luminous" by Lucy twists the knobs even further and beams us completely out of this world. "Les Gobelins" by Villanova doesn't need that pumping energy at all, however, it is quite a dark monster as well. Mind-blowing vocals, wild drum programming and echo craziness define the techno state-of-mind of the year 2014. The last two tracks come from Swiss tech-house pioneer Ripperton and Ricardo Tobar. We hear modulating bass line, synthesizer-sirens and minimal drum programming that all-in-all create a vibe somewhere between techno, house and the late works of Aphex Twin. Number 14 presents 12 tracks with an impressive variety of all things techno these days. This is definitely no hands-up-in-the-air action at all. It is techno music in a deeper way with a lot to explore and something that will exist longer than just one summer.