In The Mix: The Sound Of The Eleventh Season


Frankfurt-based Sven Väth is co-founder of the Cocoon label, and this is The Sound Of The Eleventh Season. The Premium Edition is a limited digipak (including a booklet with exclusive pictures) and contains a one month free Cocoon membership voucher as well. Inaugurating its second decade in Ibiza, Cocoon has presented a whole new range of musicians, performers, costumes, masks, choreographies and visuals. With the eleventh season, Väth has opened another chapter in Cocoon's never-ending metamorphosis: a butterfly of unknown splendor is born out of its cocoon. Perceived in all parts of the world, the Cocoon parties in Ibiza are a major cultural event. Being a manifesto of infinite transformation and growth, Väth manages to melt this season's most ecstatic moments into two sets, spanning over 2 1/2 hours. Both discs form a musical diary -- reaching beyond the current hits, Väth retrieves the profound qualities of contemporary electronic music. The charming, humorous vocals of Gerd fuse into Château Flight's subtle, elegant house grooves. The mood shifts, and Jacek Sienkiewicz enters with uncanny soundscapes and graceful Detroit grooves. The set accelerates with Edit Select's remix of Speedy J's "Trails," and with the frenzy of Soul Center's "Dyr Bul Scyl" and MMM's "Nous Sommes MMM," it turns into a series of climaxes. We are captivated by the adorable melodies of Koze's "Blume Der Nacht." We lose ourselves in the dub landscapes of Skudge's "Convolution," we are amused by the cut-up vocals of Kabale Und Liebe. The hypnotic grooves and mesmerizing melodies of Martin Buttrich's "Song Six" make us finally forget time and space before we are enchanted by the daring naïveté of Plaid's "Dett." The "Eleventh Season" might be over, but its experience endures. Other artists include: Elle P. & Iftah, Ruede Hagelstein, Mano Le Tough, Till Krüger, Brett Johnson, Daniel Stefanik, B.D.I., DJ Qu, Solomun, Daniel Stefanik, Johnny D., Maetrik, The Hundred In The Hands, Tom Trago, Kyle MF Hall, Boris Werner, and Basti Grub & Komaton. Last copies, deleted version.