Best Kept Secrets 2


The second volume of Dessous' Best Kept Secrets compilation series takes an extravagant leap into the current and future sound of Dessous spread out over 2 CDs, including 10 full tracks and a superb, detailed mix by Steve Bug. Heading off the journey on CD1 is David Durango with "Striptease" and also his unbelievable "Human." You'll then pass through the delicious phases of Ryo Murakami's "Off The Wall" -- an exclusive track that takes a deep, extended trip into modern Chicago house. Continuing that vibe, the modern bounce of René Breitbarth's "Le Groove Rhodes" will have you in raptures. Moodymanc serves up his very special "Omlette," with Dplay providing remix duties to perfect effect, while new cat Andrade contributes an exclusive track of cheeky, bumpin' house. Burnski hands in a tweaking, jacking jam that's full of top-class production and smooth, pushing house elements; while newcomer Claire Ripley adds her refined touch. Closing the first CD, you'll find Graeme Clark's (aka The Revenge) ecstatic slo-mo-house version of Ryo Murakami's "Just For This." None other than Dessous man-in-charge, Steve Bug mixes the second CD which is positively packed full of unmissable tracks. Clocking in around the 70-minute mark and throwing up 15 extra tracks into the mix, it's an absolute burner. Opening with the haunting tones of Breitbarth's "Detective," the mix segues into the compilation's third new exclusive cut in the form of Tigerskin's "Voodoo": bizarre vocal wanderings and chunky beats set the tone from here on in. Robert Owens backed by Berkson & What join in, and Matthias Meyer's psychedelic remix of David Durango's "Perfect Day" rushes through. Running into depth-charge house with Moodymanc's "Snore" and Sascha Dive's "Secret Dub" of Two Armadillos', you'll be enthralled as Steve Bug masterfully holds the reins tight! Two cuts from Claire Ripley feature, including Gorge's hotly-drummed remix of "Labyrinth," and also her original hypnotic "Utopia." Steve drops Langenberg's "Alternate Rhythm" before Solomun's "Woodstep" creeps onto the stage. There's another fantastic Burnski cut, and Ryo Murakami's mix of Innocent Lovers burns through before the closing bars of Moodymanc's "Omlette" completes the blend. It's a classic mix, seamlessly displaying the vast array of talent available on the ever-growing Dessous imprint.