Hidden Treasures EP

ESK 513331 ESK 513331

Having established himself as one of the biggest names on the nu-disco scene with his debut album ESK 507583/507585, 2016), Tim Bernhardt AKA Satin Jackets, cemented that success with his follow-up, Solar Nights (ESK 510719/510720), that saw the German producer broaden his sound, collaborating with songwriters and vocalists from around the world to stunning effect. Returning to the studio Bernhardt has been inspired to return to his instrumental roots, the lessons learnt from the past few years applied to the dreamy, laidback electronic music that he first made his name with and which can now be heard on the four track Hidden Treasures EP. "I felt the need to again turn my hand to producing instrumental tracks. That resulted in the Golden Cage EP, which made me realize just how important it was to focus on crafting music that was completely my own and can shine without the need of vocals." That realization led to the Hidden Treasures EP, four tracks that are 100% undiluted and unfiltered Satin Jackets, imbued from start to finish with the chilled vibes and charm of his debut, the technical skill and musicality of its follow up, and crucially the confidence of a producer who is at the top of his game. "Instrumental tracks have this magic, this power that unfolds in their own unique way. Unbound by any kind of song structure or decisive meaning I can design them in my own way and focus more on the mood and the feeling. The result is four tracks that tell a story about a particular chapter of my life. At the same time they're open enough for the listener to insert their own story into it."