Calypso Guapacha

GR 034LP GR 034LP

2022 restock. "Zombie Club presents Calypso Guapacha, the fourth sonic artifact after his "Come To The Caribbean (GR 029LP, 2014), Mambo Calypso (2014) and Limbo (GR 027LP, 2016) successful releases. Once again, the concept is clear and simple: taking a trip on an imaginary sonic cruise to the islands, harbors and mountains of the Caribbean through rhythms and dances that recreate the tropical atmosphere that bring the festive spirit of these lands around the world. This time, we begin with a strange calypso song played on electric guitar by Cuban Wilson & His Combo followed by some tracks from the West Indies such as calypso, Haitian meringue, quelbe, mento or goombay. These rhythms are sung in English but they introduce the sparkly presence of the clave (wooden sticks from Cuba) that sets the beat on which all the musical structure is based, not only in the Caribbean music but also in all the African-roots music. Thanks to that, musicians who sing in different languages can share a primal and common musical home. The B side focuses on the Spanish-language tunes, with montunos, bombas and cumbias from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia. However, we've chosen a doo-wop/mambo as a way of conclusion in order to show that Caribbean music isn't just limited to that specific geographic area. That is it, we are embarking in Cuba going around the Caribbean to arrive in the USA, singing in different languages with different rhythms but finding a pulse that's shared by all of them: the clave. Well, it's OK, we don't want to theorize too much, it's about moving the hips and enjoying. That's why we tell you, one more time: 'Ay, sí, sí...we want to mambo!'" --Señor Zombie. Some tracks have been remastered and restored and some are presented on vinyl after many years. Format and selection designed for DJs, collectors and general public. Also features: The Fabulous McClevertys, The Lion, Reuben McCoy & The Hamiltonians, Pierre Murat Et Son Ensemble, Luis Kalaff, Charlie Adamson, The Wigglers, Ñico Saquito, Cristóbal Pérez, Maelo Y Cortijo, Trío Matamoros, Chuito El De Bayamón, Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros, Walfredo De Los Reyes, and The Dootones. 300 gram sleeve, includes download.