Günther Koch Revisited ? Voll In Den Mann


A conceptual electronic music compilation based around the voice of the most famous German soccer announcer, Günther Koch, an update on previous radio play experiments in this mode by Ror Wolf. "If there was ever a man of football, a man of today's, totally shabby media football, if there was ever such a one who managed to become first a so-called 'cult figure' and then a figure of art, a subject for media art, an artistic character, then it has to be Günther Koch. This symphony in twenty-two parts, pays tribute to, honours and to a small extent, as befits contemporary art, destroys and, as far as I'm concerned, deconstructs a living legend of sports commentary, or more accurately: live radio reporting. Of course, it would not be totally inappropriate to ask whether Koch, often and quite rightly called a 'poet' and 'virtuoso' and 'artist', whether someone who is his own DJ can be outdone, ennobled, so to speak out-arted. Koch improvises like no other; Koch tuts, shouts, bellows, whispers, sings, implores, blubs, celebrates, curses and extols with passion and fidelity; Koch modulates maniacally, piles up monstrous sentences, assembles and combines the incompatible as one obsessed, the bright tone of hymnal enthusiasm with digression, the dialect touch with an educated bon mot, casual chat with concentrated information, objective description with the tumult of the fans. What and who can do justice to him, this original tenor, the Pavarotti or, hm, perhaps more the Bergonzi of the microphone? Yes, a liaison between Koch and radio drama/music, 'that's not totally unrisky' (Koch), not to put too fine a point on it: it's not totally blessed with lack of risk. And since, with the gloomy foresight of a Kafka, football will possibly be over and done with in the near future, the remembrance, blessed consolation, of its most beautiful, wonderful moments ('Babble! Babble! Babble! Babble!') will remain, embedded in our collective memory, preserved in the resounding works of the eternally Olympian art. Something like that, anyway." -- Jürgen Roth. Artist list: Sparks, Khan, Gringotone, Lions Den Dubshower, Hans Platzgumer, Loopspool, FC Einheit, Curd Duca, Wolfmanson & Dr. Walker, Jennifer Minetti, Dead City Radio, Funkstörung, Hans Nieswandt, Goldenholg & Andrej, Melita, Squadra Ragazzi, Timestretch Paradise, Caspar Brötzmann, Narcotic Brothers, DJ Hell, Sportfreunde Stiller.