Le Pop: La Boum! (Les Chansons De La Nouvelle Scene Francaise)


A special edition in the Le Pop series, La Boum is a party compilation that shows just how danceable and versatile the modern chanson is - It is clever, energetic, full of humor and extremely diverse. Since the beginning of the series, the Le Pop DJ team (Oliver Fröschke and Rolf Witteler) have promoted their compilations by playing them at release parties and at special events like German-French festivities. Over the years, some tracks have emerged as favorites, a sure way to get people on the dancefloor time and time again. The series has always been rhythmically diverse, but a compilation of new francophone music, with one track as danceable as the next, is something the Le Pop DJ team has dreamt of for a long time. The span of musical variety on this album could not be broader. From the playfully cutesy opener "Polka" to the crude '60s-garage hit finale "Voulez- Vous Coucher Avec Moi?", Le Pop La Boum takes the listener on both a geographical and a stylistic journey past the most daring corners of the world of francophone music. From southern French dancehall to the YéYé-punk colossus "Bordel" - from the indie party-hit "Singapore Slang" from Montréal to the recklessly drummed, high-speed rock'n'roll track "Corinne" by Mathieu Boogaerts. Even Benjamin Biolay shows himself in a new light, as a Cumbia crooner singing in duet with the Uruguayan-Argentinian reggae singer Alika. Julian Baer's chanson-funk and the young newcomer Cléa Vincent's retro disco track are equally refreshing. Just like all other editions of this series, Le Pop La Boum not only works well on the dancefloor, but it is a compilation that can be enjoyed at home as well. There are also plenty of new names to check out, that have previously not been featured by Le Pop; Apart from Mathieu Boogaerts, Alexis HK and Benjamin Biolay, all names introduced on Le Pop La Boum are new. La Boum is the third special edition in the Le Pop series, after the duet sampler En Duo (LPM 004LP, 2004) and Les Filles (2008), and throws an entirely new light on the vibrant neo-chanson scene. Also features: Luce, Radiomatic, Call Me Poupee, Arthur H Et -M-, Oai Star, Fabulous Trobadors, Noze, Thomas Dutronc, Agnes Bihl Et Tom Poisson, Alister, and Marcel Bontempi.