D-Funk - Funk, Disco & Boogie Grooves From Germany 1972-2002

MA 074CD MA 074CD

D-Funk presents 30 years of Teutonic funk power -- 18 block-rocking and distinctively eclectic funk, disco & boogie nuggets from Germany that range from sweaty JB-styled grooves, cooking fusion gems, up-tight post-punk funk, to slick urban disco anthems. It may be an unknown and as-yet unexplored territory, but some Krauts certainly knew how to cook up a serious groove. Just take The Poets Of Rhythm and The Whitefield Brothers -- two groups from Munich that immersed themselves so deep into the rare grooves of James Brown's People label catalog that it became part of their DNA. Hamburg's Lee Armstrong Express and Augsburg's Twen are no less impressive, with stabbing horns, hard-poppin' drums and grinding organs. The earliest entry on the compilation hails from 1972 by über-drummer Charly Antolini and it's a funky break-beat feast. The same goes for "Kirschblüte" by Veronika Fischer & Band -- originally only released as a 7" flip-side in 1975, sounding like The Commodores lost in Leipzig. Berlin's "No New York"-styled collective Zatopek (feat. Sven Regener of Element Of Crime fame) were driven by a great horn section and explore the same territory as Pigbag and James White & The Contortions. Family 5's (featuring ex-Fehlfarben punk demi-god Peter Hein on vocals) rare debut "Bring Deinen Körper Auf Die Party" (1981) is a perfect piece of post-punk funk, and Fehlfarben's "14 Tage" ("14 Days") from 1982 includes a killer bass line worthy of Bernard Edwards. The discofied side of funk is represented by Ganymed and Discotizer & Supermax. Disco overlord Giorgio Moroder makes an appearance with his one-off project Stolen Property -- with a slow burnin', super-kool cover of "Low Rider" by War. Even Boney M. got funky once. The sophisticated fusion of James Last's "Bolero '75" could give Deodato a serious run for his money. Andy Minkacz & Orchestra score with a sexy Philly-Sound groover, and Herbert Rehbein is the man behind Su Kramer's totally unique space boogie "Magic Dance" (1978). Cheeseslider and Montana Chromeboy present pure uncut funk nuggets full of Larry Graham-styled slap bass and mad vocals. Get down, get involved, get d-funked. Compiled by Stefan Krassel and accompanied by detailed track notes and reproductions of all the original record sleeves.