Pasajes - México

NEOS 11047CD NEOS 11047CD

"Mexico is an ancient country that views itself in the tradition of the great pre-Columbian civilisations and the Spanish colonial legacy. It is a melting pot for contrasting cultures, societies, languages and traditions. In 2010 Mexico is celebrating its 'bicentenario', the 200th anniversary of its independence and revolution. Past and present alike have left traces which the ensemble Intégrales is intent on pursuing. Their aim is to overcome artistic prejudices and to give a hearing to voices from different mentalities. The criteria for their choice of composers to portray were the expressive intensity, expert craftsmanship and above all the sensuality of their music. To this end, the ensemble Intégrales commissioned four new works in conjunction with Deutschlandfunk and the Netzwerk Neue Musik KLANG! in Hamburg. They were premiered in April 2009 at the Forum Neuer Musik 'La otra América' in Cologne. The humorous or spiritual concepts of an Alejandro Castaños or Aleyda Moreno project an image of a young generation pursuing individual paths, while a composer such as Gabriela Ortiz, who stands at the zenith of her career, hails from the world of classical modernism. Juan José Bárcenas writes on current Mexican topics with a critical eye, while Georgina Derbez Roque draws on European cultural history. That Europe and Mexico still form a bond for Mexican artists is especially evident in Arturo Fuentes, whose music conveys echoes of his years in Paris. It is the youngest composers, Bárcenas and Moreno, who cast doubt on this tradition and turn deliberately and expressively to Mexican themes and topics."