Earthly Powers


Munich-based duo Pollyester has been wowing the world with various EPs since 2007, released on their own label Love In C Minor and Permanent Vacation. Now it's time for their album Earthly Powers, where Les Rita Mitsouko collide with witch house in a Krautrock commune and disco strings hug Siouxsie Sioux. On this debut, two indefatigable genre crossers indulge in pop, experimenting with far-out hooklines in a Kraut-disco fashion. Polina Lapkovskaja alias Polly and Manuel Da Coll alias Yossarian have already established themselves as a contemporary producer duo full of surprises, and these 12 songs will even further propel them around the pop globe. Somewhere in between Stereolab, The Slits, Can, Chrisma and Nico, Pollyester have made themselves comfortable with their electronic sizzling. They don't steal and they don't imitate, just here and there a few flashes of recognition will hit brains with pop music schooling, only to evaporate in the duo's unique sound amalgam the next moment. A sound that inexorably bores itself into the body with an analog strength and plenty of catchy tunes without letting itself reduce to one explicit style. Similar to contemporary North American newcomers such as Rainbow Arabia, Peaking Lights or The Soft Moon, Pollyester are not interested in any genre labeling and playfully jump between spooky and euphoric atmospheres. Tribal rhythms, energetic Krautrock, disco strings and witch house moments are equal partners in their kaleidoscope arrangements. All of them magically glisten, thanks to Polly's cool emotional speech-song and promote double-bottom pop that clings to the listener and at the same time sounds somehow bitchy. The music is topped by Polly's surreal lyrics, all of which loop themselves into the brains of listeners with their mantra choruses, projecting nightly metropolitan neon stories on the inner screen. Pollyester ignite their unique space shuttle fuel and no matter what speed they play and with what atmosphere they toy, they rotate in their own orbit with their boogie bass hooks, their twinkling synthesizer melodies and their twisted grooves.