This is a retrospective on the life and work of the mighty Brontosaurus label. Although it was only meant to live for four years (2006-2010), its work was quite influential, and Brontosaurus managed to become a reference of its own. Enough reasons to raise Brontosaurus a monument to reminisce him in his full glory. Permanent Vacation are also very happy to get an inside view by fellow paleontologist and Tuff City Kid Gerd Janson, who contributed liner notes to this double gatefold LP. Born out of boredom rather than a desire for stardom (or ability for that matter), the Brontosaurus label was the playground of three don't-wanna-be-grown-ups: Phillip Lauer, Thomas Saap Sabrowsky, and the man formerly known as CB Funk aka The Citizen's Band. A label from and for friends that claimed to release so-called proto dance music long after its emersion, misspelled "mayhem" as "mayham" and met ennui with excitement and a DIY ethos that wasn't very far away from the snotty nose that is hardcore punk. Baptized by a guy named Popowicz, Brontosaurus managed to lighten up the mood in a scene that is sometimes too serious/too stubborn/too conventional, while independently keeping the aural quality standards of Frankfurt's larger-than-life label persona, Playhouse. With releases by Lauer himself, Extra Produktionen, Exile Missile, and the Lauer & CB Funk house music hoax Arto Mwambe that turned into a major player of its own, the label released exactly 13 12"s, before it stopped and the protagonists went on to other adventures. Those singles include melancholic first-timers like Zachary, remixes from the likes of Move D and Osborne, chart-storming deep house anthems ("Mudhutma!," "Greatest Love," "Love Lifted"), euphoric piano madness by Lauer (Delta NRG) or slow-motion cosmic funky by The Exile Missile (Ray Rider) -- some of them housed in hand-crafted limited sleeves portraying the inviting homes of dictators and all of them strictly bound to the vinyl format. Consigned for posterity by Munich's music machine Permanent Vacation, the label's momentum and those moments can now be relived again and again. Brontosaurus collects the label's brilliance for the first time on digital formats and for the last time makes it obtainable on vinyl again. Here you have all the ingredients that make dance music enjoyable, elating, staggering, shrewd, heroic and, most of all, fun.