Selected Label Works 4


Round four of Permanent Vacations flagship label compilation Selected Label Works. Part four reflects two busy years of work and compiles different artist albums and numerous ass-shaking 12" releases on two steamy compact discs. Starring, for example, Irish queen Roisin Murphy with the slow-pumping "Simulation," which is also featured here in the floor-burning remix by Mano Le Tough. Speaking of Mano Le Tough, he has become one of the rising stars of the international house scene in the last couple of years, and released his debut album on Permanent Vacation. Even Innervision's Dixon and Italian producers Tale Of Us became fans of Mano's warm and melodic sound and got so intrigued with the music that they both created their own anthemic versions of "Everything You've Done Before" and "Primative People," that made many dancers happy. John Talabot was also responsible for some of the most defining moments of dance music in the past two years. This compilation includes two cuts from his debut album, "So Will Be Now" and "Destiny" (in the exclusive Rave Dub Version) and the remix of "When the Past Was Present" by the mighty Pachanga Boys (the classic odd couple of Superpitcher and Rebolledo). "So Will Be Now" and "Destiny" are in collaboration with John Talabot's partner-in-crime Pional, who also gave Munich's #1 disco band Pollyester the remix treatment (another remix of Pollyester comes from cosmic maestro Baris K.) with a little Soft Cell touch and made it a favorite of Gerd Janson, Lauer, and Tensnake. Together with long time Vacationer Bostro Pesopeo, Pional also worked on their alternative vision of house music that resulted in the Yes EP, from which the title-track is featured here. Bostro Pesopeo was also not lazy himself and released his third solo EP in 2013 and comes correct here with "Cheer Up." Parallel Dance Ensemble opened up the door to their colorful world of hip-house and bubble gum pop and two of their tracks got remixed by Maxxi Soundsystem, who kept the oldschool party vibe, and Maximillion Dunbar came up with a drum-heavy, slow ocean house groover. Château Flight come on board with "La Pregunta" and "Darshan Jesrani" (co-Emperor of the Metro Area Kingdom) with one of his rare remixes. "Ombala Mbembo" is one of the many highlights of the short life of Brontosauarus. No Permanent Vacation compilation would be complete without a Woolfy vs. Projections track, one of the most long-lived artists on the label. The El_Txef_A remix of "Set Me Loose" is a good example why. To round things out, we have the dream pairing of Tensnake and Tiger & Woods, who slice and dice "Need Your Loving" into an outta-space boogie-bomb. Also featured is the flute heaven by the tag-team of Jacob Korn, Good Guy Mikesh and Filburt, as well as heart-warming deep house by The Drifter, and vintage synth-house by Swedish whizz-kid Bobby Bell. The compilation shows Permanent Vacation's diversity without being random and proves that they are one of the most consistent indie labels -- always trying to push boundaries in different directions, from Kraut house to quirky disco.