Digitmovies Alternative Solo Version


The work that Digitmovies carry out is not just about recovering and restoring old soundtracks, but is about discovery and experimenting with new things. For this reason, the label wanted to write a chronicle of our musical history, and in the overview of our productions they have decided to include a production much different from our usual modus operandi. Digitmovies have remained true to their theme but experimented too, carrying out this project with simple yet different sounds from everything that they usually offer. The label has also had the fortune of meeting two excellent performers and professionals to help them. To illustrate this journey, Digitmovies have chosen some themes that have represented and represent the turning points on the path taken by their label. Riccardo Rocchi was born in Rome on April 14, 1976, and from an early age was drawn to studying classical and acoustic guitar. Under the guidance of Roberto Fabbri and Carlo Carfagna, he graduated from the Institute of Musical Studies G.Briccialdi of Terni, then continued studying with Mario Jalenti. Later he studied with Sergio and Odair Assad, Leo Brouwer, Eduardo Isaac, Carlos Bonell, Elliot Fisk, and other major international figures. He teaches at numerous international festivals dedicated to classical guitar and at the same time dedicates himself to concerts and teaching activities. For several years he has performed for cinema and television, collaborating with composers Franco Piersanti, Andrea Guerra, Marco Werba, Andrea Parri, Andre Matthias, and many others. He was a part of Fabio Frizzi's band for the Frizzi2Fulci tour, a show entirely dedicated to the music of legendary horror movies, westerns and detective stories from the great Roman director. Andrea Milan started studying classical guitar from an early age with Giovanni de Rosa. He continued his studies under the guidance of Leonardo Gallucci and graduated from the Conservatory "F. Cilea" in Reggio Calabria. Later he studied with Leo Brouwer, Elliot Fisk, Javier Garcia Moreno, and Carlos Bonell. At the same time as studying the classical guitar, he began studying modern guitar (rock, blues, and jazz) at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome with musicians Mark Manusso, Antonio Affrunti, Cristiano Mastroianni, as well as jazz harmony with Pier Paolo Principato. In addition to his busy teaching schedule, he holds classical solo guitar recitals and plays in various sessions.