Jukebox Fever Vol. 2 (1957)


Stag-O-Lee presents the second volume in their Jukebox Fever series - ten-inch records done chronologically by year - focusing on 1957. The series features rare and cool 45s that might have made their way onto a dusty jukebox in the middle of nowhere - primal rock 'n' roll, super rare rockabilly and rambunctious R&B. The United States was in crisis. Elvis Presley could only be filmed from the waste up on TV. Girls were in a state of constant perspiration and the guys were digging James Dean. On Ed Sullivan's show, "The King" gave the Bible Belt "Peace In The Valley". People were confused but hoped that, in 1957, teenage music and rock 'n' roll was a fad that might just pass. In Liverpool, no-one had caught onto that and the Cavern Club opened. And, in the mysteriously super cold and suitably austere Russian empire, Sputnik 1 and 2 were launched. The cold war was gearing up and notable births in that year included Sid Vicious, The B52s's Cindy Wilson and Siouxsie Sioux. Monkeys would soon go into space - nothing would ever be the same again. Down on the corner in anywhere USA, the jukebox was getting stacked with vinyl that asked plenty of questions. These records threw together sounds that didn't belong and storylines and one-liners that sparked the imagination. The established acts were crossing musical barriers to get into the spotlight jukeboxes all over the globe were being bent out of shape. Three songs could change everything - forever. On 1957, we are featuring rare and cool 45s that might have made their way onto a dusty jukebox in the middle of nowhere. Includes a CD features five bonus cuts. Features: Teddy (Mr. Bear) McRae With Teddy McRae & His Orchestra, Junior Wells, Jesse Lee Denson, Vincent Maloy, Danny Andrew, Al Casey, Skeeter Bonn, Ray Anderson, Haskell May & The Sundowners, Roy James, Wesley Hardin With The Roxters. Included CD features bonus cuts from: Johnny Bond, Vincent Maloy, Dusty Owens & His Rodeo Boys, Burt Keyes With Teddy McRae And His Orchestra and Lee Emerson.