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Life on Earth! is the solo-work of talented multi-instrumentalist Mattias Gustavsson, from the Swedish band Dungen. Together with some fellow travelling kindred musical spirits (musicians from Dungen, The Works, Town & Country and Mia Doi Todd), he has created an amazingly deep and timeless album filled with shimmering vibrant psychedelic folk-rock-pop. The basic idea was to make music that celebrates the incredible and absolutely wonderful phenomenon of life on Earth, hoping to spread some joy to any possible listeners. The project has been going on since 2003. Barefoot on tiptoe, in a bubble of magic, swirling elegantly among the stars. Here's life on earth according to Life On Earth!: "Right in between, both after and before, nobody really knows where we came from or where we are going ... Suddenly one is cut off from one's past, intruded on by the present, without a clue of what to say or what to do about anything. But where ever we may go, it is all one and the same anyway. Why not simply enjoy it, until the day we die? So lay all your worry aside now. Don't hesitate; let your dreams sweep you away. Then you may see everything that's forgotten here. Lean back and feel how light and exquisite you truly are. Wonder at the beauty of nature; listen to how it invites you among beech trees and squirrels. Embrace it, because he and she and it and we are all connected to you and you are just like everything else, constantly changing into wondrous beings yet unseen -- you might watch the life on Earth for inspiration." Got it? In other words, absolutely joyful, wondrous, swirling Swedish psych-folk loveliness. Sparkling acoustic singer-songwriter sing-a-longs, acid-drenched guitar burners, spacey vocals, Moog whines, sitar-drone, psych-flute trill, bongos, echoes, some dreamy backwards-masking, and even some songs in English! More pared down (but no less thrilling) than Dungen, with its hands and feet on the warm rocks beside the river.