Low Life


"Subtrakt once again delivers a release worth its weight in plastic, featuring Current Value, Audio, Machine Code & Underhill. Low Life is pure bass culture, machine-wrapped and delivered for the pleasure of our mortal ears. A1: Subdivision's in-house steppers have knocked up one hell of a beast in 'Dead Foot.' 5 minutes of neck tearing will be induced from the intense Beavis and Butt-Head nodding that will unwillingly be infected on you. 'Dead Foot' is Underhill's 1st output on vinyl but by no means the last. 'Dead Foot' is a peak time floor-pounder; please choose the right moment to drop. A2: Subtrakt is proud to be the 1st label to release Current Value's naughty twist on dubstep; as the name suggests, 'Heavy Weight' is one beast of a tune. There is not much that has to be said about this track other than play destroy and enjoy. Made for all dubtech freaks looking for the Tyson of all tunes to crush fellow nodders. B1: Machine Code is the pseudonym for Current Value and Dean Rodell, a side project that has evolved out of the early morning sessions in Subdivision's Berlin Studio. So with sound systems still quivering in their boots from their last assault, Subtrakt is proud to bring you their 1st release as Machine Code and their next round of ammo. 'Duberlin' sees the pair mixing up classic dub bass and cheeky wobbles with skanks that cut through the tight techy production. That keeps them a cut above in their respected fields. B2: The last remaining dub treat is finally dished out by one of DnB's finest -- Audio's 'Agent of Chaos' has all the classy trademarks that we have come to expect from an Audio output. Recognized for his crisp production skills and slick arrangements on labels such as Techfreak and Offkey, he manages to capture his unique style within this dubstep shell and rework it to a flow that he has made 100% his own. Audio rounds off another classic slab from Subtrakt's ever growing Subheads sound."