Summer Hits Vol. 1


The Press Group's newest volume is a most spitting image of what the label has been pushing since establishing four years ago: a sound both atmospheric but no short of danceable, equally geared toward oneiric mind-wandering and playful foot-shuffling sessions in the club. A bespoke sample of the Hamburg's imprint DNA, it also witnesses the growth of the featured artists both individually and as a collective of like-minded artists -- tirelessly experimenting, emulating, and re-inventing their own shared and personal creative universes under various configurations and aliases.

Spinning out of the calibrated dance music's orbit, TPG here present no less than sixteen cuts courtesy of a wide array of mostly German talents, new and confirmed, capturing a much compelling snap of the common vision and idiosyncrasies of the parties involved. Obviously part of the trip, imprint mainstays Rupert Marnie and Youthman(29) each deliver a piece, slapping rhythmic and texturally ethereal as get (tell us that Youthman(29) jam hasn't got the taste of dreams), and so does Christoph Friedmann's jaunty tropical number, sure to awaken the shamelessly wiggly dancefloor operator in you, whilst the mysterious thcarp and Lehult boss Lucky Charmz wing out a pair of deep-diving workouts to get down to -- preferably with your aqualung on so you don't resurface blue-ish. Local players MF Earth Band and French border duo RBDP go spaced-out jazzy when ott goes in with a fruity sino squasher and Aii PS gives it's all in the gut-melting subs. Mischievous, off-kilter acid lovers take note, Dolomea's joint is the one. If you're in the train, though, we recommend taking Ben Oyefeso with you, as he's sure to have you drifting off the rails into his strangely familiar realm. If you're in need for some high-powered electro pumper, wobbly warbles ace Matthias Wagner's got you covered, but if it's bleepy, bloopy, blurpy post Hawtin'ian minimalism tinged with a solid hint of Dam Funk-esque synths, go check our buddy Walt Ever. More of an AFX and Autechre fan? No worries, geezer -- Europa's feeling, glitchy cybernetics are there to please and your senses will thank you for the journey. Antep Haze's synthetic bird calls and glaring chime-y streams will ease you into a much enticing last stretch across a fantasized forest of sorts, before the all-engulfing finale takes you well off into the galaxy's masters' own Area 51. Also features Primary Mystical Experience.