Intact and Smiling: The Weird & Wonderful World of Tapete Records Vol. 1

TR 508CD TR 508CD

20 years of Tapete Records -- The label's first release, if memory serves, was in 2002. The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years but one detail has remained the same: Tapete Records is still putting out great music. That's a bit reassuring, isn't it? So, the label thought in their Tapete Building at Stahltwiete 10 in Hamburg-Altona: Let's look back and start a series of good, old-fashioned, fantastic label compilations in the style of Shadow Factory, Tamla Motown Is Hot! Hot! Hot! or Wanna Buy A Bridge?... something like that. And so here is Intact and Smiling: The Weird & Wonderful World of Tapete Records Vol. 1. It wasn't that easy to choose 28 out of about 5000 released songs, but what's easy? Therefore, a series. Intact and Smiling Vol. 1 concentrates on the poppy side of Tapete Records, the basic tone is upbeat and uplifting. Can't hurt these days. The title comes from the John Howard & The Night Mail song which says: "Intact and smiling, an independent soul, nobody's slave." What could be more fitting? The label would like to thank all the great artists who have released music with them over the last two decades, especially the bands and artists who have so kindly and unbureaucratically made available their great songs for this compilation. Features We Are Muffy, Martin Carr, Jaguwar, Stereo Total, Simon Love, The Jazz Butcher, The Proper Ornaments, The Monochrome Set, Botschaft, Comet Gain, Pete Astor, The Clientele, Louis Philippe & The Night Mail, Bill Pitchard, Benjamin Dean Wilson, Robert Foster, Elva, Lloyd Cole, Die Höchste Eisenbahn, Gary Olson, The Catenary Wires, Friedrich Sunlight, Sophisticated Boom Boom, LAKE, Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans, Der Englische Garten, Carambolage, John Howard & The Night Mail.