Conspiracy Uncovered

TS 001CD TS 001CD

The Tuning Spork label presents their first-ever CD compilation, featuring tracks from the past up to their current hits. This 10-track CD will take you on a nice little journey through the many different shades Tuning Spork has to offer -- hopefully introducing their impressionistic view of what is to come. It's been 7 long years! Seven years of constantly pushing boundaries, seven years of believing that there is a place for funk and humor within the ever-conceptualized minimal house/techno scene. This CD is dedicated to the most dedicated Tuning Spork artists: Dan Curtin (a man who needs no introduction, a man who has been working this genre for 15 years), Samim (one of the most prolific newcomers -- his brand of funk with the Samim and Michal project, his collaborative sleaze project with Jay Haze, Bearback, or his solo work with vocalist Lil Dirrty Ghetto Bastard prove he is a force not to be funked with -- but to be funked to), Michal Ho (a true-tested producer with his own distinguished sound, a man who is comfortable working many different genres and fusing influence from everywhere. The result is always something extremely enjoyable, with a touch of jack), Shyza Minelli (the first and only woman in the Tuningspork team, brings her view of how electro, old school and funk mix with sounds of the future -- by far the prettiest member of the family), B. aka Bjoern Hartmann (Bjoern, along with Jay Haze co-founded Tuningspork and His brand of quirk has seen its shares of headbobbing from Europe to Japan), Guido Schneider (probably the most exciting minimal producer of the year, bringing his organic funk-infected grooves to the masses in a big way) and Falko Brocksieper (one of the biggest surprises of the year -- a true master in dancefloor madness, whether it be for his own imprint Sub-Static or his many commissioned remixes). The conspiracy has finally been uncovered -- now that you know the secret, Tuning Spork asks you to love them back.