Czech Up! Vol. 2: We'd Be Happy


Double LP version. Welcome to the second Vampisoul set of trouvailles from the Supraphon vaults, a series of compilations that the label launched in 2016 under the title Czech Up! (VAMPI 167CD/LP). It's a concept that the label had in mind ever since they began their collaboration with Supraphon over ten years ago, but that wasn't initially possible to accomplish due to -- luckily temporary -- licensing restrictions. In the meantime, just as Supraphon is steadily progressing with revalidating their immense back catalog, the label is now able to move along with them, picking up their cherries as they keep popping up on the notional surface. The Supraphon label was established in the early 1950s in former Czechoslovakia and has been continuously active ever since. While it's always been highly esteemed by music connoisseurs for its excellent classical music releases, Supraphon's pop, rock, and jazz music catalog, although comprising around 60,000 unique tracks, remains for the most part a big unknown to the international audience. Today it also incorporates the complete back catalog of Panton, another Czechoslovak label launched in 1967 that operated independently until the late 1990s. On Czech Up! Vol. 2, Vampisoul again present an array of astounding songs from the otherwise inglorious decade of political and social gloom in Czechoslovakia, a decade that actually started shortly after the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies in 1968. Here's your chance to meet up with some eccentric fools, wry sarcasm, fountains of cognition, lovers approaching, lovers leaving, faunal fables, bizarre beings, wizardly seasons, ordinary oddities, unearthly gardens, morbid dreams, pretense obedience, melancholy windscapes, wishful thinking, exotic jungles, and eerie ravines. So whether you're hanging loose, shaking a leg, sampling some of this'n'that, or just opening your mind and ears widely, here's 22 more tracks that won't let you down while you're czeching up. Includes detailed liner notes by Lukás Machata. Features Olympic, Hana Ulrychová, Mahagon, Framus Five, Apollobeat, Beatings, Valerie Cizmárová, Gustav Brom Orchestra, The Blue Effect, SHQ, Metronom, Synkopy 61, Jazz Q, Vulkán, George & Beatovens, Flamengo, Eva Pilarová, Flamingo, The Soulmen, Barnodaj, Hana Zagorová, and Karel Cernoch.