Takin' Care Of Business: Soul, R&B And Garage From The Vaults Of Rampart Records 1963-1971
10x7" BOX


East LA is much more than an area located east of the Los Angeles River. Inhabited almost exclusively by Chicanos with their own way of life, there is not enough space allotted here to explain the East LA culture. Local groups like Thee Midniters, Cannibal & the Headhunters, The Blendells, The Premiers, The Ambertones, and dozens others, provided a soundtrack. In the '60s, East LA garages, where the bands rehearsed, were mined by record companies searching for the new sounds. One of the movers and shakers of this scene was Eddie Davis, who started his Faro label around 1958. Faro issued mostly pop-oriented records, but also Richie Valens-influenced rockers like "So You Want To Rock" by Chick Carlton & The Majestics. Davis formed other labels as well, like Linda and Rampart. Davis's music enterprises really took off in 1964 with three songs that were licensed to larger companies. Takin' Care Of Business consists of tracks from Eddie Davis's family of labels and it is evidence of the wonderful music made with a solid emphasis on the groove. R&B was always very important on the East Side. The included recordings by Sarah James & The Soul Babies, Thee Enchantments, The Majestics, and Sammy Lee are among the finest soul records ever recorded. One of the best R&B records cut for Faro was "Tracy (All I Have Is You)", a Ray Charles-influenced stormer by a young Barry White (his first record) backed by The Atlantics. Also featured herein are some fine party records: Little Ray's "Come Swim With Me", The Atlantics' "Beaver Shot", and The Blendells' "Huggies Bunnies" are among them. They liked to rock on the East Side, and three of the tracks included here -- those by The Romancers, The Premiers, and Sunday Funnies -- have plenty of beat, snarl, and fuzz-toned guitars. No serious East LA compilation of music would be complete without a romantic soul ballad. Dig "One Like Mine" by The Salas Brothers with The Jaguars. Davis continued his operations into the early '70s with Gordo. Many of the songs recorded for this label exuded new-found Chicano pride, such as "Via Tirado" by El Chicano and especially the two included here by Willie G with Six Pak and Two Tons Of Love. Also features: Ron Holden, The Mixtures, The Pagents, The Four Tempos, The Invincibles, and Thee Royal Checkmates. Includes a 16-page illustrated booklet.