Willkommen Collective Volume 1


This is a special limited edition handmade Willkommen Records label sampler. The Willkommen Collective is the name given to a group of Brighton, UK-based folk musicians who together make up the groups Shoreline, Sons of Noel and Adrian, The Leisure Society, Moonshine Moonshine, Atlas Crease, Laish Quartet and The Miserable Rich. Influenced by a wide variety of musical traditions, and with the input from such a diverse pool of players, each band in the ever-expanding co-operative has been able to create a truly unique sound with the view to create a self-sufficient musical alliance. The name Willkommen came from the fact that cellist and beard cultivator Will Calderbank happens to play on everyone's music. He also records under the name Atlas Crease and the song featured here, "Four Corners," gives a glimpse into the hushed, idyllic space Mr. Calderbank calls home. Nick Hemming's group The Leisure Society, having debuted on Willkommen Records with their album The Sleeper, displays their winsome chamber pop here with "Pancake Day." Delve into the compilation further and you'll discover Daniel Green's soulful, rustic bonhomie under the name Laish Quartet. One of Willkommen's foremost torchbearers for the British folk tradition is the Sons of Noel and Adrian, the mothership of the Willkommen operation. Here you'll be able to marvel at Jacob Richardson's whistling prowess and city leveling baritone. A Brighton via Rome collaboration between Tom Cowan, the Collective and Beatrice Sanjust Di Teulada, Shoreline deal in sensuous, soft-focus sound worlds. Hamilton Yarns are Willkommen's purveyors of (un)easy-listening esoterica, embraced by the Wire magazine cognoscenti, while The Climbers are something of a Willkommen studio- super-group headed up by Tim West; it's the kind of flawless music cut by Curt Boettcher and Gary Usher out on the Strip in the late '60s, re-imagined in the suburban environs of the South of England. That's just a smattering of the music on the compilation. We hope Willkommen Volume 1 acts as a perfect primer into this highly-touted inclusive scene.