Un Povero Ricco


2012 release. Digitmovies releases for the very first time on CD Stelvio Cipriani's complete original soundtrack, in full stereo, for Un Povero Ricco (aka "Rich And Poor", "Money Boom"). Directed in 1983 by Pasquale Festa Campanile and starring Renato Pozzetto, Ornella Muti, Piero Mazzarella, Nanni Svampa, Ugo Gregoretti, Patrizia Fontana, and Antonio Marsina. The Cavalier engineer Eugenio Ronconi (Pozzetto) lives a comfortable life in a big house in Milan and is married with Romina (Fontana), but is afraid of losing all his wealth and of getting poor. On the advice of his psychologist (Gregoretti), he decides to "become" poor for about a month. He then pretends to go to the Middle East, obtains false papers by calling himself Eugene Ragona, cuts his beard and gets hired in his own company, the Sofram, as a messenger, so that he can get first-hand experience there: in the new house he immediately becomes friends with Marta (Muti), although she doesn't know him. After some vicissitudes Eugene is fired and thrown into the street, where he meets Stanislao, also named "Phosphorus" (Mazzarella), the leader of the homeless people in the Piazza Duomo, who in the end will rent him a nice house boat in which Eugenio will live for the rest of the month with Marta. Regarding Romina, she betrays him with her lawyer (Marsina) so that, upon his arrival at the villa, the two are thrown out together with the corrupted butler. At the end, Eugenio and Marta kissing under a rain of money. For this project Digitmovies have used the original album master tape and also those tracks in stereo of the original recording sessions which allowed the label to print on CD the complete OST of the legendary Stelvio Cipriani. In 1983 a vinyl album had been issued which contained fifteen selections prepared by the author. With his immediately recognizable style, Cipriani has created a sweet romantic love theme, carefree, with a lot of class and pop arrangements introduced in the main titles, reprised in a slow version, a fast one, and in the finale, but the OST is full of happy moments like the theme for the male character which is just perfect for Renato Pozzetto. For the fans of Stelvio Cipriani, Renato Pozzetto, and the beautiful Ornella Muti, this is definitely a must-have CD.