Peccati In Famiglia


2014 release. Digitmovies releases, for the first time on CD, Guido and Maurizio De Angelis's original soundtrack for the comedy film Peccati In Famiglia ("Scandal In The Family"). The De Angelis brothers composed various soundtracks for the Italian sex comedies of the '70s. For Peccati In Famiglia, Beat Records released an EP with four tracks in 1975: "Country Life", "Milo", "Rosina", and "Crazy Baby". The last two were sung by Maria Teresa with the Mescaleros. Digitmovies' CD contains all the music recorded at the time from the original master tapes. Directed in 1975 by Bruno Gaburro, the film starred Renzo Montagnani, Michele Placido, Simonetta Stefanelli, Jenny Tamburi, Juliette Mayniel, Gastone Pescucci, and Laura De Marchi. The industrialist Carlo and his wife Piera and daughter Francesca spend their vacation together in their villa in Piacentino. Upon his arrival, Carlo discovers a new cook has been hired, the young Doris who doesn't wait one second before flattering and trying to seduce him. A few days later Milo arrives, the son of one of Carlo's brothers. Milo wins over Francesca and then seduces Doris and even enters in good graces with Piera. Now that Milo is sure the three women are completely devoted to him, he pushes Carlo to excessively exert himself with the cook, causing him to have a heart attack. Milo inherits everything. Bruno Gaburro began his career as a director in 1969 with the film Ecce Homo. He then specialized in erotic comedy, directing Peccati In Famiglia in 1975 and Il Letto In Piazza ("Sex Diary") in 1976. Both films tell the story of erotic incidents happening inside a nuclear family. In the 1980s the director decided to dedicate himself to more racy erotic films such as Malombra, Maladonna, and Lola's Secret ("Il Peccato Di Lola"). He also made his only detective-story film with Fashion Crimes ("La Morte È Di Moda") following on the heels of the trendy detective stories like Nothing Underneath ("Sotto Il Vestito Niente") by Vanzina. At the beginning of the '90s he directed two films about sexy vacationers Abbronzatissimi and Abbronzatissimi 2 - One Year Later.