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Samoa Regina Della Giungla


2015 release. Digitmovies release Angelo Lavagnino's soundtrack for the film Samoa Regina Della Giungla ("Samoa, Queen Of The Jungle"). Directed by Guido Malatesta in 1968 under the pseudonym James Reed. An expedition in Hong Kong is organized to search for a diamond deposit on an island in Malaysia. The expedition group includes Clint, Professor Dawson, Doctor Schwarz, Stark, Nancy, Moreau, Muller, and Alain. Once on the island, Muller is killed by a tiger and the group is attacked by headhunters when they reach the waterfalls. Clint and the rest of the group are preparing to face another attack when Samoa, a dark-haired girl, appears. Through secret passageways, she guides the group to her village where her tribe is guarding the diamonds in a cave. Alain and his companions steal the diamonds and escape with Samoa, who has fallen in love with Clint. They are followed by the indigenous people of the village. Moreau, Stark, and Schwarz attempt to seize the diamonds but Clint manages to stop them after a furious fight. Eventually Alain decides to stay, Stark and Schwarz die, Nancy and Dawson drift apart and Moreau gets swallowed up by quicksand. Clint and Samoa head back to civilization after giving back the diamonds. Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (1909-1987) began his career as a soundtrack composer for the cinema in 1947. His most famous and important soundtracks were for Othello by Orson Welles, An American In Rome ("Un Americano A Roma"), and Nero's Mistress ("Mio Figlio Nerone") directed by Steno. During his artistic career, he composed music for numerous films directed by Luigi Zampa, Carlo Lizzani, and Luigi Comencini. Lavagnino composed soundtracks for dozens of Italian peplum and historical films as well as Italian spy movies. He was also very active with Western films. Additionally he composed the music for the Sci-Fi quadrilogy by Antonio Margheriti War Between The Planets ("Il Pianeta Errante"), War Of The Planets ("I Diafanoidi Vengono Da Marte"), Wild Wild Planet aka "Criminals Of The Galaxy" ("I Criminali Della Galassia"), and Snow Devils ("I Criminali Della Galassia"). Lavagnino also did the musical scores for various documentaries.