Il Mercenario

BCM 9610CD BCM 9610CD

Beat Records reissue the classic original soundtrack by Ennio Morricone for the western movie Il Mercenario (aka "The Mercenary"), Ennio Morricone composed a wonderful soundtrack for a genre for which he has written immortal masterpieces. The Roman maestro surrounded himself with his usual collaborators such as Bruno Nicolai for the conducting of the orchestra, I Cantori Moderni Choir, and Alessandro Alessandroni for his famous whistling. For this CD, the original stereo master tape assembled for the 33rpm of the time was used, since to this day the complete recording sessions remain missing. Following a dramatic introduction by the winds, "Bamba vivace (Main Titles)" develops with an excited mariachi for orchestra and choir. An atmosphere of suspended mystery is provided by the whistle, orchestra and castanets in "Estasi," "Il mercenario," "The Mercenary (Reprise)," and "The Mercenary (Reprise Terza)." A moment of great romanticism and heroism is reached in "Libertà," a thrilling piece with the intervention of the Cantori Moderni. "Paco" takes up the choral Mexican motif of the opening credits, and "Ricciolo" is a piece for guitars and castanets with the melody of the organ. The climax of the soundtrack is "The Mercenary (L'arena)," arranged with whistle and castanets, trumpet and electric guitar that introduce a heroic motif for orchestra and chorus of Mexican flavor, also used by Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill Vol. 2 in 2004. There is no shortage of Mexican folk music such as "Sueno Mejicano," "Fiesta (Mariachi)," and "Canto a mi Tierra," plus a waltz for the party scene. This CD is essential for any collection dedicated to the musical art of Ennio Morricone and the Italian western genre. Mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano. Graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini. Includes 12-page booklet.