1-2 Weeks
Signore E Signori


2013 release. Digitmovies, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, releases on CD, Carlo Rustichelli's complete original soundtrack for the movie Signore E Signori ("The Birds, The Bees And The Italians"), directed in 1965 by Pietro Germi. The film, set in a small town in the region of Veneto, is divided into three episodes where the frame story is set among a circle of friends. The first of these tells of the fake impotence of a sly womanizer who confided his troubles to a friend who is also a doctor. The doctor doesn't resist the temptation to spread the delicious novelty everywhere, but then he has to regret it: the false confidence had only been made for the simple reason that he should divert his jealous eyes from his young and dizzy wife. The second episode stars a modest bank clerk, plagued by an unbearable wife and dreams of a new life with a willing cashier in a bar. The man's wife is very skillful in creating a scandal so that, in addition to losing his lover, her husband finds himself without a job and resignedly returns to the detested family. In the third episode a girl from the countryside goes down to town to do some shopping. She stumbles upon some local playboys who profit from her. The father denounces them as the girl is still a minor. The scandal spreads like wildfire: people and resources are put into action to quell the rumor. At the end the parent of the girl, persuaded by a large sum and the personal sacrifice of the wife of one of the accused, withdraws the complaint. For Digitmovies CD, first generation mono master tapes of the recording session were used that allowed the label, in addition to re-creating the album of that time, to find out about 25 minutes of unreleased material. Carlo Rustichelli wrote an OST for a small ensemble with lounge flavor featuring an allegretto theme in a circus and amusement park style, a perfect background to the gossip of the protagonists, which is frequently reprised and alternated with lounge music, and a romantic love theme which can also be found among the unreleased material. In the original masters we have also discovered two rare stereo versions of the main theme and love theme. A proper rescue and preservation as an homage to the Italian silver age.