Party Lovers

NET28 003CD NET28 003CD

This is the debut full-length release by Spain's Damián Schwartz. After some wonderful releases for CMYKmusik, Apnea and Mupa (his own label), Damián Schwartz's debut album is here to be enjoyed as one of NET28's biggest releases of 2008. One of the key figures of the NET28 family, along with Alex Under, Tadeo and Imek, Damián Schwartz's sound has evolved from the visceral and futuristic techno of its origins, to the warm, cerebral and deep groove of Party Lovers. This evolution shows Damián's ability to create a constant sound flow where all kinds of influences blend together. "I had the album all laid out in my head way before I began work on it in the studio. My goal was to synthesize all the roots & influences of my musical background together with constant investigation of new sounds, searching for a homogenized piece of work, where everything could make sense." So, it is easy to see traces of Chicago's early house melted with Damián's techno sound and rhythm design approach. The result is new, refreshing and original, without a doubt a timeless dance machine. "In the past few years I have had a chance to perform in many different clubs, and the interaction with the audience's need to dance has enabled me to develop a modus operandi and musical concept that is completely new for me. I wanted to reflect this change in my music." Party Lovers is all about recollection of instinctually good moments -- an album that reflects what club music means for the artist: the connection that arises between music, mind and soul. Body movement as we knew it has changed forever.