NET28 001CD NET28 001CD

This is the debut compilation from the Madrid label collective Net28, home of the CMYKmusik, Bemysheep, Cyclical Tracks, Pulpa, Múpa and Apnea labels -- a statement to celebrate all their unique voices and grooves. 1 is a deep journey that begins in Madrid (with all the usual suspects) and lands in France (From Karaoke To Stardom), the UK (Kevin Gorman), the USA (Hieroglyphic Being) and Georgia (Nate Fisher). Every track is a must, a hit, a fucking brilliant sum of influences and new horizons. Techno in all its colors and forms, developing from the most atmospheric to the funkiest and darkest, paying due respect to Detroit, Cologne and Berlin, but re-emerging as something totally new and fresh, as only these artists know how to do. From Karaoke to Stardom pushes his futuristic groove to the limit; Kevin Gorman brings back all the funk in a compulsive rhythm adventure; Tadeo shows his most merciless face with a enormous stomper; Damián Schwartz rethinks the future and discovers new grounds with a massive rocking synth orgy; Alex Under impresses yet again with his unique way of understanding and producing music; Pilas goes all smooth and dreamy with a classic techno number; Friendly People (aka Alex Under) turns off the lights and submerges us into a frightening odyssey; Hieroglyphic Being brings us back to Detroit with pure innovation; Mensico (Pilas and Sintec) work it in a moody and heartless manner; Circunbalation (aka Tadeo) goes eternal and delivers a timeless killer, possibly his biggest track to date; and finally Nate Fisher brings you all the sophistication of the best house music. Anything you want is here, and much more than you could ever imagine.