Watergate 09

WG 009CD WG 009CD

Tiefschwarz mixes the ninth edition of the Watergate compilation. This series is a further means for the club to stamp its seal onto the scene, with many of the club's residents and regular talents having been invited to contribute. Previous artists have included the likes of Ellen Allien, Sascha Funke and Lee Curtiss, amongst others. This time round, the mighty Schwarz brothers step up, using it as a means to take stock and look back at their extensive music career. The mix takes them all the way back to their early days throwing parties in Stuttgart, at the Red Dog club which they named in honor of the legendary Chicago venue. These soulful roots which first hooked them and got them producing, stuck with them throughout, an insistence of melody and warmth which has pervaded throughout all their productions regardless of whether it can be labeled deep house, electro house or minimal. This mix is just a way of demonstrating the sheer timelessness of classic production techniques and how they so readily still influence so many of today's releases. Neither is it just a mere greatest hits of Chicago and Detroit, a legendary anthem like Frankie Knuckles' "Baby Wants To Ride" sitting quite comfortably alongside the tense melodies of John Roberts' house, which itself wears its Chicago influence proudly on its sleeve. There are some real dancefloor bombs, the cult classic "Intellidred" remix of DJ Assassin which slides effortlessly into the infectious jack of Kevin Saunderson. The anthemic MK classic "Burnin'" comes in a surprising new form, courtesy of Jay Haze, and there's plenty more vocal action in the mix with Julio Bashmore's recent smash "Father Father" and a brand new Tiefschwarz production punctuated with the ethereal voice of Mama. One of Tiefschwarz's first loves were the prolific house legends Masters At Work, a true personal milestone for the brothers when they were asked to remix their heroes' smash hit "To Be In Love." They've included one of their all-time favorites, the MAW remix of the Afro Celt Soundsystem, the world music collective on Peter Gabriel's influential Real World Records. This then functions to lead out the mix, the brothers deftly tracing a line through a very recent Marc Ashken track on Hot Waves and into Romanthony's "Rumpshaker," which, having been released on their own first label back in 1997, draws a neat circular close to this very personal retrospective. Other artists include: When Saints Go Machine, Nicolas Jaar, John Roberts, Deadbeat, Javeon McCarthy, Matias Aguayo, Alton M, Ron & Chez D, Chris Simmonds, Latin House Crew, Gemini, Manuel Tur, Holly Backler, Isolée, Major Mal'fun'ctions, 4-W.D and G Strings.