Born in Chile and now residing in France, Ricardo Tobar picked the "creative border crossing" as the common thread for his album Collection. Musical experimentation, crossing musical borders -- Tobar refers directly to the style and sound of the great new wave bands of the '80s and '90s. With the help and influence of their new electronic instruments (often alongside classic rock guitars), the post-punk-electronic movement turned almost everything upside-down. Whether the result was moody and mysterious or romantic and hedonistic, it all sounded new and different back then and paved the musical path for a whole generation. Tobar plays with the musical approach of the post-punk era; he mixes, merges, and experiments fearlessly with styles and moods. He creates a wide range of his own styles and dives into abstract sound-fields. He breathes the air of his own musical universe, and he doesn't refer to the typical styles of this genre -- you won't find any Detroit, Berlin, or Sheffield reference here. Although produced in France, Tobar's album doesn't have anything of the sweet and lovely French touch. It also won't beam you into the north of England and the grey and cold Sheffield winter like so many other electronic albums try to do. Collection contains full compositions, sound collages, experimental sounds, and even proper beat-based tunes. Tobar doesn't produce -- he creates, and here he nonchalantly showcases his impressive range, sounding simultaneously sensitive and harmonic but also brave and dissonant while creating layered electronic atmospheres. This album is full of interesting sounds and ideas; far from boring and never too demanding. Along with its mystical, experimental side, Collection also contains energetic, trippy sounds. The expressive "Angora" is full of energy and captures the listener's imagination; "Crystal Sun" is almost like a big after-hours anthem; and with "There Is Pop" Tobar presents a strong, ripped tune, banging and challenging. There is a place for everything here in Collection, from the introduction through the main body to the ending; an album like a book. Collection's musical chapters are rich in variety, with some surprises along the way. Not just another musical-assembly-line product, Collection cannot be categorized the easy way. Tobar worked hard for this album and this is apparent from start to finish. He used his machines, synths, and computers to full effect and now presents a truly complete Collection.