Berlin 2001


"Berlin 2001. Dedication, Representation. This compilation is the chronological successor of the first BPitch Control compilation Berlin 2000 which started this series. This city, its changes and the life in it, is recited and can be experienced. Every shade of it is reflected in its musical counterpart on Berlin 2001. The label is to be found among the context of techno, which picks up and alienates the urban structure to put the urban change in concrete terms by abstract sounds. BPitch Control`s characteristic dealing with the structure of electronic music, which originally involves break beat, ambient and house conveys an understanding of this music, that leads to the infancy of techno. In this case the return to the origins means the abolition of diversification. BPitch Control does not aspire homogeneity. The only compartment to be categorised voluntarily feels like a honour at the same time: Berlin. Berlin 2001 can be understood as a chronological diary of the development of techno, as well as an journey through the entire last year. BPitch Control and Berlin grow at the same speed, not only with one another, but together. The title Berlin 2001 -- Dedication. Representation summarises all that. This compilations dedication depicts the personal and emotional relation to the 'state of the art'. It is again a kind of balance sheet of the label and the city's relation. This becomes obvious by the chosen artists on Berlin 2001: They whether live in Berlin or at least had a release on BPitch Control. The joining together mobilises creative powers by applying the highest principle of BPitch Control: the collective. The further fundamental idea of BPitch Control is the agreement of being total open towards all sides -- as it can be seen on the formal principles. The artwork is done by Berlin's avant-garde graphic designers Pfadfinderei and extends the classic cover artwork by a short animated film on the CD, that provides the equal space for the sound and the visuals -- reflecting the tight relations between musical output and visual implementation at BPitch Control. Tim Buktu, Barbara Morgenstern, Mitte Karaoke, Märtini Brös, Mark Verbos, MIA. and Dash are friendly related artists. Together with the label's own artists Ellen Allien, Smash TV, Kiki, Eedio, Sascha Funke, Trike, Paul Kalkbrenner, White Dolemite and TokTok they represent the many facets of the 'Sound of Berlin'."